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New Wiring / Rewire

New Wiring / Rewire

We at Logital Electrician take pride in being a leading provider of electrical wiring and rewiring services in Los Angeles.

Our licensed technicians have the latest tools, expertise and equipment to handle both residential and commercial wiring and rewiring projects.

The range of our electrical wiring/rewiring services includes;

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New Wiring

When constructing a new property, it is important to hire a licensed qualified electrical contractor to precisely design electrical wiring plans and perform the actual installation with perfection. Faulty electrical wiring can not only result in a fire but also lead to circuit overloading that may cause your entire electrical system to trip.

No matter what the size and type of your new construction, we can wire it accurately and efficiently so that it passes an electrical inspection right the first time around and your electrical system smoothly and seamlessly for decades to come.

New Wiring


Outdated and damaged is not something to take lightly and could cause frequent power trips, surges and burn-outs. Therefore, it is important to have your property rewired as soon as possible.

Call us for an inspection. We will evaluate the condition of your wiring and provide you with the best solution possible.

Signs that you may need electrical wiring services your home include

Outdated Wiring

Old and outdated wiring is susceptible to electrical failures. It usually cannot bear the load of modern appliances and can spike up different electrical problems from time to time.

Give us a call, and we will inspect the wiring and provide you with the best solution.

Buzzing & Flickering lights

When an appliance is plugged-in, dimming or flickering lights indicates loose wiring in the system. It can cause irreplaceable damage to your property if not addressed timely. Reach out to us to provide the right solution.

Frequent tripping

Faulty wiring can cause frequent circuit tripping that could result in short-circuiting on your property. Call us before it takes a toll on your property and damages it any further.

Burnt outlets & Smell

Brown stains on or around the outlets indicate short circuits in the system caused by electrical fires. Contact us to provide the right solution.

Damaged Wiring

Underground wiring or wires behind the wall are likely to suffer damage from being chewed by rodents or by nails and screws of wall hangings and mounted shelves. These exposed wires increase the chances of electrocution and electrical fires. Give us a call and get them replaced in no time.

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No matter how big or small your electrical wiring project, Logital Electrician is the right company to call. Reach out to us at (805) 225-8311 and talk to our technicians about all your wiring and rewiring needs.

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